Family Care


Family Care

Ein weiterer Zweig der Arbeit ist die Familienhilfe. Sozialschwache Familien werden mit Kleidung, Schuhe,Lebensmitteln versorgt. Handwerker, Fischer versorgen wirmit der nötigen Ausrüstung, um ihren Beruf wieder ausübenzu können.

In Phnom Penh und in den kambodschanischen Provinzen gibt es viele Kinder, die keine Waisenkinder sind, aber dennoch Unterstützung benötigen, um die Schule besuchen zu können. Aufgrund einer Schulausbildung sind die Kinder später in der Lage eine Berufsausbildung zu machen. Eine Ausbildung ist oft der Schlüssel, um den Kreislauf der Armut zu durchbrechen.

Die Problematik der Kinder verlangt oft nur ein Minimum an Unterstützung, um eine Wende im Leben eines Kindes zubewirken. Fehlt diese Minimalunterstützung, ist das Kind aus eigener Kraft nicht in der Lage seinem Schicksal zuentfliehen: es ist vorweg zum Betteln, zu menschenunwürdiger Arbeit oder gar zu kriminellen Handlungen gezwungen. Aus dieser Überlegung heraus wollen wir den Kindern eine Familien - und sippenbezogene Hilfe anbieten.

Die Kinder sollen weiterhin zu Hause wohnen und die Schule ihres Ortes besuchen. Wir versorgen die Schüler mit Schulkleidung, Schultasche, Bücher, Hefte, Schulgebühren, und allem, waswährend dem Schuljahr noch gebraucht wird. Zudem soll auch die Familie eine geringfügige Hilfe erfahren,um das Kind davor zu schützen als Arbeitskraft (z.B. Müllsammeln, Betteln, andere Arbeiten) von der Familie eingespannt zu werden. Dieser Dienst liegt Sureyah besonders auf dem Herzen, die Familien zu stärken und das Evangelium in die Familien hinein zu bringen.

Story of Nita, Thida and Titi Testimonials

Nita (16), Thida (15), and Titi (14) were the children who used to live in the Good Shepherd as their family did not have the means to support them when they are growing up. Their parents are Ngouy Phally (father-55) and Sokhunthea (mother-45). They do also have two other younger siblings, Nisa (9) and Sovannareach (6).

As times passed, the three children moved in and out of the children’s home to stay at their own home or somewhere else.

Sometimes, later we heard that they were living in another children’s home; but that place had to dissolve; so the three went back home. Nita’s dad has the first wife and one of his children lend him a piece of land, so that he could have a place to stay. The land is currently used by Nita’s family. Sokunthea is the second wife of Ngouy Phally.

We could reconnect with Nita during one Christmas when we tried to have a reunion with anyone who used to involve with TSP. Nita, Thida, and Titi came to celebrate. So, we chatted and once departed Nita asked us if we could support them. Seeing the conditions (via photos and personal visit) of Nita’s family, we felt compel to help them. Right now, all the children are in school. Their family wanted to start a small business as their dad being a guarding policeman (soon will retired) could not afford every needs of the family. Therefore, TSP is helping a little amount for the family to start a family’s business and will support for the school needs of the six children. Our hope is to see the family come out of poverty. Our prayers are that the family will come to know and seek Christ. We praise the Lord that Nita, Thida, and Titi are already exposed to the gospel and have a sense of trust in Him. We are glad too that their current home has a church nearby. So, we will continue to connect with them and support them as much as we can. Please pray for this family.

Update: In recent visit, we brought school supplies and were updated that Nita’s family had used the support fund to rent a tuk-tuk (three-wheel vehicle) to serve as a taxi to create an additional income for the family’s needs. As reported the father did well with this business and is thriving. Praise God!

The Story Siev Mao and Sambath Testimonials

From a family of five, Sambath was married to Srey Mao. Together, they have 3 children, Sambo (7), Sievmeng (5), and Reaksa (2). Before marriage Sambath was working as a mechanics and had involved himself with some illegal drug usage. It was hard for him to get rid of it, because of the friends he had. When married, Sambath continued to have dealings with bad company that it caused him his relationship with his wife. Though they have children, Sambath forgot his responsibilities as a husband and father. His wife suffered and sometimes even got beaten by him because of his toxicity and addictions. He caused much problems for the family (his own and former). There were family and relatives that came along to support this family. One of those was my brother Somien. Somien was a former Good Shepherd’s children who have grown up to be a pastor and church planter in Cambodia.
Somien connected the family and was working to restore the family. It was difficult as the addiction was in play. While finding the solution the Lord enable Somien to have this family moved to a new location where Sambath and Siev Mao could able work on their family’s issues and Sambath can move away from temptations and bad company. While in a new environment, Somien ministered to this family and the Lord has worked inside their hearts bit by bit. They began to know the Lord. Sometimes, later they gave their life to Christ. Sambath continued to face temptations, but this time there were other supports in play (spiritually). Their relationship restored and Siev Mao was able to connect to a local church where she not only received fellowship but some work with a Christian as well. Things seem to be going quite well, until Sambath fell ill.
Due to his old habits and wrong decisions, his airway system and lungs were damage because of the way he used the drugs. The doctor told him that he did not have long to live, so Sambath tried very hard to focus on what he should do but did not do with his family.
One morning as he drove to work his chest was hurting and with the roads were under construction. He stopped his motorbike but collapse and fell into the ditch. Those who saw phoned the family and rushed him to the nearby clinic. However, they could not save him. The fell added to his previous conditions. Sambath passed away and left his wife with three young children.
So, this is the story of Siev Mao’s family. The Samaritan Project decided to come along side to support her and the children. We wanted to invest in this family as the Lord has already invested in their lives. We pray that this family will become a witness for God and of His mercy, faithfulness, and grace to others.


Wie kann ich mithelfen?

Jeder Dienst ist wichtig und hat seinen Platz. Zum Beispiel: Mithelfen durch regelmäßiges Gebet für das gesamte Projekt. Mithelfen durch finanzielle Unterstützung, regelmäßig oder einmalig. Mithelfen durch einen praktischen Einsatz im Kinderheim.

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